Rewards for spreading the word

Do you know a few (or many) students studying English?

Introduce them to English Skills Cafe and earn cash rewards.

It's easy


Once you are a registered User, tell other students about English Skills Cafe.

Helping a friend is the real reward. In addition, though, if your friend registers and takes Tests, you earn 10% of the fees they pay us. 

It's easy to refer other people. You can:

  1. Send them a link by email; or
  2. Post a text or image link on your social media account; or
  3. Mention it in an article or a blog.

We provide tools to help - each tool has a code to show that you introduced the person.

Two levels, not one


There's not just one, but TWO, levels of rewards:

  1. You receive cash rewards for Tests bought by the people you introduce; AND
  2. You also receive cash rewards for Tests bought by the people they introduce.  

So you can easily create a large and expanding group of students taking Tests, with on-going cash rewards for you.

Who can earn Rewards?


You can be a Student or a Teacher or an Education Counsellor or a Migration Agent. Or you can just be someone who knows a lot of students.

If you are a Student yourself, you are automatically in the Rewards program, once you register with English Skills Cafe.

If you are not a Student - but would like to earn Rewards for introducing Students - you can register as an Agent.

Three easy steps to earn cash rewards

1. Register as a Student or Agent

2. Tell other students about English Skills Cafe

3. Earn cash rewards each time they buy Tests (and when the people they introduce buy Tests, too).