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If you're going to study in another country, you will need an Education and/or Migration Agent

  • An Education Agent will help find the right English Language course, College or University for you, in the country where you want to study.
  • A Migration Agent will help organise Visas for you.

Use our Agent Directory to find one near you. Simply select your country and the town or city nearest you.

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Agents: Find new clients and improve your services

By registering your Agency with English Skills Cafe, you appear in our Agent Directory. You gain exposure to thousands of students who are planning to travel and study in other countries.

It takes just a few minutes to add your Agency to our Agent Directory. And it's free to register.

When you ask your clients to use English Skills Cafe, their Results give you an objective assessment of their current ability plus a forecast of how much further study they need to reach their target skill level.

That knowledge helps you enormously to provide better guidance on the most appropriate courses and duration for their English studies and tertiary courses. Your clients will be impressed and so will the colleges and universities you represent.

You also receive commissions when your refer clients to English Skills Cafe.

As mentioned above, it's free to register.

Click Register at top right, and select Agent. Join now to be the first choice for students and their families needing your professional services.

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