About English Skills Cafe

English Skills Cafe (ESC) tests students' English abilities immediately and guides them on their future training needs.

The ESC platform brings language teachers and learners together.

The Report Reveals Students' Current Abilities And Provides Study Recommendations

ESC assesses students' abilities so we can advise them on their further English language tuition needs, particularly how long they need to continue studying English in order to reach their goal - such as a specific standard required for a university course.

All four tests occur in REAL TIME and the students receive their Personal Report - including our professional recommendation on how much further study the student and his or her teachers should expect.

While the ESC Reading and Listening Tests are automated, Speaking and Writing Tests are evaluated by our Assessors, who are available 24/7 to assess learners.

Speaking Tests are undertaken face-to-face by video-call, directly from our site.

Results are immediately available to the learner - and for referring Partners.

This allows education consultants, migration agents, ESL colleges, vocational colleges and others to review our assessments or recommend supplemental resources before the student moves forward.

This approach benefits students who may otherwise undercommit - or overcommit - to tuition, accommodation, and visa obligations abroad.

ESC Complements Traditional "End of Journey" Exams

ESC does not compete with IELTS, TOEFL, or TOEIC, which are formal certification processes that determine readiness to pursue academic, professional and migration goals.

Rather, ESC determines the learner’s current ability level and recommends how much more full-time study is necessary to reach desired levels.

ESC is ideal for students at lower levels and intermediate levels of English language ability, and especially those who are in remote locations or travelling. Learners may utilize ESC tests periodically over time to better gauge their progress.

Offering live, online, 24/7 services, ESC provides learners with unobstructed access to English language experts.

Advice given to learners draws from our Academic Board and the determination of Assessors who conduct interviews and review written work.

Partners Can View Tests, Including Students Speaking In Conversation

Both the learner's written work and verbal interview records are accessible to ESC Partners for their independent judgement regarding the test taker’s ability in those two productive skills.

ESC partners with a range of organisations. You can learn more about partnership opportunities on our Partners page.

Our Assessors

Averaging ten years teaching experience, each of our Assessors is a Teacher of English to Speakers of Other Languages with formal training in TESOL. Almost all are degree-qualified, and a large proportion also hold post-graduate degrees in TESOL.

Our Assessors are selected through a rigorous process that optimises consistency when assessing a learner’s skill in speaking or writing.

The Assessors are all native English speakers born in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the Philippines. They are based in numerous countries throughout the world, allowing us to provide 24x7 availability.

Our Background

ESC was created by a team of English language experts with extensive experience in assessment and language class allocations for ESL Colleges.